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Regional Programme Manager

Date Posted
18th July 2017
Accounting & Finance, Consulting & Project Management
Job Type
St. Ann
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Responsible for overseeing the implementation of all JASL programmes on the ground as well as the proper administrative and financial tasks within the chapter, guaranteeing that these are in keeping with the mission and vision of the organisation.

Job Description

The incumbent therefore has to have a functional knowledge of the major activities undertaken by the chapter and should be able to motivate and unify team members. He/she will ultimately be accountable for the chapter’s activities, relating to programmes, finance and administration.




The Regional Programme Manager will have primary responsibility for the implementation and delivery of interventions to most-at-risk populations specifically men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers (SW) and transgender women (TGW).



  1. Provide oversight of outreach to the general population and the most-at-risk populations specifically MSM, TGW and SW which JASL serves by supervising the planning, coordinating and executing of community and targeted intervention programmes.
  2. Monitor chapter targets and deliverables as per work plans and work with Programme Development Manager and Monitoring and Evaluation Manager to implement strategies to ensure their achievement
  3. Coordinate and supervise the work of Targeted Interventions Officer, Peer Navigators and Peer Links
  4. Organize training and provide general support to the Targeted Interventions Officer, Peer Navigators and Peer Links who work in the prevention programme.
  5. Oversee and facilitate regular Peer Link/Navigator meetings
  6. Monitor the completion of VCT forms and the consistent and adequate updating of the VCT Log Book in keeping with lab compliance processes
  7. Oversee the consistent logging and distribution of commodities
  8. Coordinate and facilitate the timely execution of life skills/skills building sessions in keeping with work plans
  9. Collaborate with other agencies regarding HIV/AIDS/STI education and prevention
  10. Direct requests from diverse groups for HIV/AIDS workshop and information and related services to program staff as appropriate
  11. Make presentations locally on HIV/AIDS sensitization in hospitals, corporations, churches and various sectors.
  12. Assist in training in the HIV/AIDS 101 workshop to clients, volunteers and facilitators of support groups.
  13. Report human rights violations against members of the target groups to relevant partner organisations such as the Ministry of Health, J-FLAG and JN+.



  1. Supervise all clinical staff  (Case Manager, Nurse/TCC, TCO, Adherence Counsellor, Psychologist, Sessional Doctor, Sessional Nurse, Sessional Nutritionist)
  2. Oversee all treatment, care and support services carried out by the treatment team to clients
  3. Ensure the hosting the of weekly clinic sessions with sessional doctor and nurse
  4. Provide oversight of home and hospital visits and ensure the documentation of visits with the use of the assessment forms
  5. Oversee the liaison with and service provided by public health labs – (submission of samples, collection of results in a timely manner)
  6. Provide oversight of internal referrals (nutritional, psychological, adherence counselling etc)
  7. Provide oversight of transfers and/or external referrals (CHARES, Hospices, Government clinics, diagnostic services (x-rays, ultra-sounds, CT scans etc.))
  8. Ensure that treatment team works cohesively to move clients along the continuum of care
  9. Ensure the coordination of regular case conferencing by treatment team members  to discuss client issues, strategies, develop, review and update clients’ service plans as well as update dockets
  10. Provide supervision of support services i.e. counselling, training and other support services for the target groups
  11. Ensure the timely execution of PLHIV life skills, support groups and treatment literacy sessions in keeping with work plans
  12. Oversee the distribution of care packages and the documentation of same
  13. Oversee the consistent logging and distribution of over-the-counter drugs
  14. Supervise orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)  program (Project Smiles)
  15. Monitor the regular updating and maintenance of client records
  16. Monitor lab compliance processes by the chapter in keeping with quality assurance / compliance with the National Standard Operating Procedures


Other Programmatic Tasks

  1. Assist with programme development and proposal writing
  2. Assist in the research, design and development of appropriate educational material where funding is available.
  3. Gather all programmatic and other reports from the respective staff members, and compile into a monthly chapter report for submission to the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager by the 25th of each month
  4. Recruit volunteers and other resource persons to support the implementation of programme activities.
  5. Represent JASL locally at ministries, funding agencies, conferences, public events, speaking engagements at national and international AIDS/STI conferences, seminars and meetings with affiliated agencies.
  6. Attend meetings hosted by partner agencies on behalf of JASL
  7. Keep current about trends and changes relating to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and care.
  8. Facilitate weekly team briefing and other relevant staff meetings for the chapter
  9. Attend weekly/monthly/periodic meetings such as team briefings, management meetings, retreats etc.



  1. Manage all administrative tasks within the chapter
  2. Liaise with the Administrator on a regular basis so as to represent the chapter wishes and obtain verification
  3. Work closely with the Administrator in relation to recruitment and ensure the timely submission of all HR-related documentation for staff
  4. Manage and maintain all of JASL’s property and facilities within the chapter
  5. Manage the use of chapter vehicles for programme delivery, collection and delivery of official documents, merchandise, mail etc.
  6. Maintain vehicle files to include insurance, fitness and registration information and ensure that motor vehicle documents are kept up to date and ensure that motor vehicle logs are maintained to facilitate the timely distribution of gas allowance
  7. Report to the Administrator incidents occurring with JASL’s vehicles and provide adequate documentation accordingly
  8. Facilitate individual and groups who are willing to be involved in the functioning of the organisation
  9. Manage staff attendance and punctuality, ensure the daily recording of same in register and liaise accordingly with Administrator
  10. Update the Executive Director and Senior Mangers (PDM, FPM and Administrator) on matters impacting the chapter and organization
  11. Perform other duties logically associated with a management position in this organisation.



  1. Manage and execute all financial tasks within the chapter under the direction of the Finance & Procurement Manager
  2. Liaise with the Finance and Procurement Manager on a regular basis so as to represent the chapter wishes and obtain verification.
  3. Prepare all documents relating to payments and submit for payment(s) as required in a timely manner
  4. Obtain as necessary (or ensure they are obtained)  the requisite documentation relating to all payments to be made in accordance with stipulations from donor agencies
  5. Develop and regularly update a master reference list of persons and organisations in the wider community who support special activities, one time or annual events with cash, in kind or other resources. 
  6. Coordinate solicitation of cash and other donations from individuals and organisations to supplement the organisation’s resources. (for large donations reference should be made to HQ)
  7. Submit detailed report of all donations received to Finance and Procurement Dept. on a quarterly basis
  8. Manage the accurate completion and timely submission of timesheets and invoices to the Finance & Procurement Department.
  9. Monitor costed work plans and execute programmatic tasks in keeping with these plans.
  10. Manage the distribution of stipends for participants in keeping with attendance at sessions



  • Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Sciences or a Diploma with five (5) years relevant experience.
  • Must have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience in programme management for marginalized populations or comparable experience.



  • Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications (MS Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • Flexibility (including some Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) and adaptability.
  • Communication skills – Oral and Written, along with group facilitation and counselling skills, programme development and proposal writing
  • Honest, trustworthy and transparent
  • Able to work on own initiative with minimum supervision
  • Ability to develop, plan, and implement short and long-range goals
  • Ability to coordinate and implement multiple projects and events
  • Ability to handle high volumes of activity in a timely, professional and efficient manner.
  • Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
  • Ability to use independent and sound judgment and to manage confidential information.
  • Ability to work professionally and cooperate with team members and representatives of other agencies
  • Ability to be a team player
  • Strong time management skills, especially when facing tight deadline


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