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Restaurant Operations Manager

Date Posted
19th September 2017
Hospitality, Tourism & Food Service
Job Type
Port of Spain
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

A well-renowned local restaurant chain is seeking to fill the position of Restaurant Operations Manager for its group of restaurants.

Job Description

The Operations Manager works in the restaurants, where they focus on improving guest satisfaction scores. They will develop strategies for increasing the facilities' operational efficiency and revenues, coordinate staff development activities and create productive working environments.


Increasing Satisfaction

A successful Operations Managers increases customers’ dining experience by working with other members of the Management team to increase the facility’s food variety,  assist with the organizing and execution of events for occasions and special events, and assisting with the creation and execution of reward programs for loyal customers. The Operations Manager also ensures prompt resolution to customer complaints and develops communication channels that promote client engagement.


Enhancing Efficiency

It is the duty of Operations Manager to continuously improve a restaurant’s operational efficiency and enhance customers’ dining experience. For example, when the facility experiences an unprecedented increase in the number of customers, the Operations Manager comes up with a short-term strategy to manage the increase, such as recruiting more chefs, waitresses and food servers on contract, ensuring schedules are prepared to maximize productivity and also assist with overseeing the installation and maintenance of equipment and systems that enhance the facility’s efficiency.


Coordinating Training
Adequate training of staff helps to enhance food quality and adherence to food safety regulations. The Operations Manager is expected to organize training programs for employees to update their knowledge on relevant regulations and learn new food service and customer-service skills through both internal and external training resources.

Maintaining Contact
The Operations Manager maintains open lines of communication with service providers and works closely with the Inventory and Logistics Manager to promote productive working relationships, which are vital for improving a restaurants quality of service delivery. For instance, when a restaurant runs out stock as a result increased demand due to unforeseen circumstances, the Operations Manager can easily ask a supplier with whom he has a good working relationship to deliver more products on short notice.


Providing Solutions

The Operations Manager needs to have strong problem-solving skills. For example, when the restaurant experiences a sudden decline in the number of customers or revenues, the Operations Manager can use these skills to identify ways to improve the restaurants hospitality, such as organizing training programs for employees to enhance their competence and make recommendations to increase traffic to the restaurant. The Operations Manager also needs superior leadership abilities to create productive workplace environments and interpersonal skills to maintain professional relations with vendors, workers and customers.


Overseeing Recruitment

The Operations Manager responsible for hospitality, food and beverage in the restaurant must manage the restaurant’s staffing needs and oversee recruitment drives, often conducting interviews along with the Human Resource Manager to identify and select competent chefs, head cooks, food service managers, bakers, patrons and beverage serving workers. The Operations Manager will also prepare and review job descriptions, delegate duties, conduct performance evaluations for Restaurant Managers and recommend or implement promotions and demotions.


Ensuring Compliance
The Operations Manager must also ensure compliance with all relevant health and food safety laws.  They will be expected to conduct periodic inspections of all restaurants to ensure all food safety and food handling policies and guidelines are being met.



Improving Financial performance

The Operations Manager meets restaurant financial objectives by working with the Financial Controller to prepare strategic and annual forecasts and budgets; analyze reports and variances for KPI’s; initiate corrective actions; establish and monitor financial controls; develop and implement strategies to achieve the financial goals and objectives of the restaurants.

The Operations Manager will also work closely with the Marketing Coordinator to successfully execute Promotions and events; evaluate results of promotions and make recommendations to enhance overall guest experience and increase traffic; identifies and evaluates competitors and makes recommendations to remain “top of mind” for the consumer

The Operations Manager will work closely with the Inventory and Logistics Manager to control purchases and inventory; negotiate prices and contracts; develop preferred supplier lists; review and evaluate usage reports; analyze variances; take corrective actions; ensure Food Cost is controlled and managed.


Maintaining Operational Standards

The Operations Manager will work closely with the Restaurant Managers to achieve the following in each restaurant location:

  • Maintain operations by preparing policies and standard operating procedures; implementing production, productivity, quality, and patron-service standards; determining and implementing system improvements.
  • Maintain patron satisfaction by monitoring, evaluating, and auditing food, beverage, and service offerings; initiating improvements; building relationships with preferred patrons.
  • Accomplish restaurant and bar human resource objectives by overseeing the recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining management staff; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a safe, secure, and healthy restaurant environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures; complying with health and legal regulations; maintaining security systems.


Skills and Qualifications:

Skill Set:

Cost Accounting, Developing Budgets, Financial Planning and Strategy, Decision Making, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Verbal Communication, Customer Focus, Management Proficiency, Managing Profitability, Quality Focus; Excellent Leadership Skills; Conflict Resolution;



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management or Business Administration
  • Minimum 5 years Restaurant Management experience
  • Proficiency in MS-Office Suite and POS systems


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