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Date Posted
4th December 2017
Government & Public Sector, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

To provide an advisory service to the commission and the senior Management and Officials of the Local Democratic Organs in relation to interpretation and information on established rules and laws and regulations

Job Description


  • An efficient and Effective Secretariat
  • Timely and practical interpretation of established rules and regulations
  • A well informed commission and Local Democratic Organs


  • Advises the commission on changes in policy in relation to Local Governance as notified by the Ministry of Communities and Central Government
  • Checks outputs of staff so as to ensure that the staff has made correct interpretation and effective implementation of Local Government Commission Policies
  • Responds to queries from the Chairman and Members on matters for the commission’s consideration
  • Supervise directly the work of the Confidential Secretariat and the Accounts Department in order to ensure that all relevant records are kept up to date and in good order
  • Attends all meetings of the commission and take notes of the discussions and decisions and any special direction from the Commission
  • Checks drafts and minutes of the meeting to verify accuracy
  • Interfaces with unions on Public Service matters that need the intervention of the Commission
  • Advises by circulars Regional Executive Officers, CEO’S of Local Authorities on Local Government Commission ‘s Rules , Provisions of the pension Act and any other policy directives in force from time to time
  • Liaise with State Solicitor or Solicitor General, as the case demands, on any legal matter e.g. writs brought against the Commission so as to ascertain the validity of such cases and to request legal representation if necessary.
  • Appears if Required, before the High Court or Public Service Appellate Tribunal to give evidence
  • Responsible for compilation the Annual Budget and Gaining approval for the Budget.
  • Responsible for the submission of the annual report on the activities of the Secretariat to Cabinet and the national assembly
  • Manages the activities of the secretariat so as to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Advises Ministries/Departments on on delegated authority woth regard to discipline so as to clearly delineate delegated authority of the Local Government Commission on disciplinary policies


  • Master’s in Public Management with five years’ experience in Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management with seven years’ experience as an administrator within the Public Service of Guyana OR the Local Government system.


  • The incumbent with the consultation with the Chairman or Commission must be able to interpret rules and regulations for application to unusual cases, 
  • The incumbent must examine all submissions and requests from agencies in order to ensure the adequacy of such submission merits the attention of the commission after consultation and rejects (and return with comments) and rejects (and return with comments) those submissions that have inadequate information
  • The impact of the decisions could affect morale; produce adverse public reaction and reduce efficiency in the outworking of the Commission’s mandate.


  • The incumbent is the accounting officer responsible for a Budget of approximately $10M dollars. He/she is also responsible for the commission’s assets valued at approximately $50M dollars. The incumbent directly supervises four (4) Heads of Departments and accounting staff, confidential Secretaries, and the commission’s forty  (40) staff


  • After Consultation with the Chairman and or the Commission Incumbent may communicate with ministers of Government and Senior Public Service Officials when dealing with sensitive issues, hence he/she must possess a sense of confidentiality. Incumbent must also communicate with Trade Unions which require patience and tact even when dealing with urgent matters.
  • Working Conditions
  • Normal Office Environment and must sometimes travel to various areas under difficult circumstances

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