Senior Director, Energy Economics and Planning (GMG/SEG 5)

Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
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Government & Public Sector, Management
Competitive Salary
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Under the direction of the Principal Director, the Senior Director, Energy Economics and Planning, is responsible for the management of:-
  • The  development  of  the  Energy  Division’s  Operational  Plan  and  the  Energy Economics and Planning Unit Plan and Budget
  • National Integrated Energy Planning
  • National Integrated Resource Planning
  • National Energy Balances
  • The use of conventional  energy sources and advice on fuel diversification strategies
  • The preparation of National Fuel Optimization, Strategy and advice on National Strategic Reserves
  • Energy Targets and Indicators
  • Energy Information, Statistics and Economics
  • Energy and Electricity load (Demand) Modeling and Forecasting
  • Energy Modeling and Policy Impact Assessment
  • Fiscal and economic analyses of energy options and systems
  • Energy Sector monitoring and evaluation
  • Ongoing review of tariffs, licenses and applicable fees, including taxation within the Petroleum and Electricity Sectors
  • Energy data and validation
  • Electricity production costing
  • Energy price forecasting
  • Stakeholders’ consultation


Key Responsibilities

Strategic Management:

  • Manages the co-ordination, preparation and monitoring of the Energy Division’s Operational Plan and the Energy Economics and Planning Unit Plan:-
  • Ensures the timely co-ordination, preparation and monitoring of the Energy Division’s and Energy Economics and Planning Unit’s Budget;
  • Manages the activities of the Energy Economics and Planning Unit;
  • Oversees the activities of the Energy Division in the absence of the Principal Director, Energy;
  • Conducts Unit staff meetings;
  • Organizes, coordinates and chairs Quarterly Energy Committee Meetings;
  • Attends and participates in Senior Management Meetings.



  • Manages the development, implementation and maintenance of the National Energy Information System (NEIS);
  • Represents Jamaica at local, regional and international energy-related events;
  • Provides technical energy data and advice to the general public as well as to local and foreign consultants, researchers and potential investors;
  • Manages the maintenance of the Energy Economic Information System (SIEE); monitors the preparation of the Annual Energy Report and other selected information relevant to planning and ensures that they are available for decision making and research purposes;
  • Ensures the preparation and updating of energy models geared toward forecasting energy demand and informing policy decisions;
  • Provides guidance in the design and review of existing systems and formats to capture vital energy data and time-series information on power plant configurations, electricity generation, energy consumption, imports and petroleum sales by company, inter alia;
  • Monitors and conducts periodic reviews of the Energy Database Management Information System (EDMIS) to ensure timely updates of information and accuracy;
  • Reviews and authorizes the finalization of all energy-related graphs and statistics emanating from the Unit for accuracy, consistency prior to dissemination;
  • Prepares and/or reviews technical reports, briefs, Ministry Papers, Cabinet Submissions and addresses energy and policy related queries;
  • Reviews and approves the designing and conducting of energy surveys;
  • Reviews reports on development relevant to energy prices and suppliers of energy re: local and international energy market;
  • Coordinates the provision of inputs in the preparation or updating of Jamaica’s National Energy Policy and addendum policies;
  • Identifies data requirements for the Energy Sector and improves existing Energy Data capturing systems to support energy modeling, analyses and reporting;
  • Fosters sub-regional and regional integration and energy planning by serving as Liaison Officer to the Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) as well as SIEE Advisor for the Energy Economic Information System (SIEE) and by preparing and making available relevant documents and Energy Statistics for Jamaica;
  • Performs duties as CARICOM Focal Point on Energy through regular and timely liaison with the Energy Desk at the Secretariat as well as the preparation and or review of regional energy-related documents;
  • Liaises with other Ministries/Agencies whose policy-making responsibilities have impact on energy in respect of electricity, public transportation, renewable energy and the environment;
  • Fosters harmonization of related activities and supply relevant data to support policy formulation;
  • Advises potential investors of the policies and programmes geared to encourage Private Sector initiatives in the development of the Country’s energy resources;
  • Follows up with sponsors to encourage continued sponsorship of the Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) Update – Quarterly Magazines;
  • Solicits from various institutions/individuals for publication, energy-related articles for inclusion in the CEIS-Update and submits same to the CEIS Regional Focal Point located at SRC for publication;
  • Follows-up on the progress of the implementation of regional initiatives and provides feed-back to relevant persons/organizations which might require pertinent information from time to time.
  • Reviews and presents energy data and information relating to the performance of the Sector as a contribution to the Minister’s Annual Sectoral Debate in Parliament;
  • Reviews and presents contributions to the Throne Speech and the Prime Minister’s Budget presentation on Energy;
  • Fosters collaborative networking amongst major energy importing, consuming, and distributing entities, both of the Public and Private Sector levels to enhance timely supply and exchange of vital statistics and other relevant information;
  • Supports policy development, energy conservation and efficiency, public awareness and petroleum safety mechanisms, through constant dialogue/liaison with small and large groupings of Public and Private Sector Stakeholders;
  • Provides oversight on assigned energy project(s) to ensure stringent monitoring of expenditure, implementation schedule and project deadlines;
  • Performs the role of Project Sponsor by:
    • Having overall responsibility for Energy Integrated Planning including Integrated Resource Planning
    • Championing Electricity Integrated Resource Planning projects with other agencies
    • Managing contractual matters related to contract work orders, change orders beyond the project plan and co-ordination with other Jamaican Agencies
    • Authorizing changes in project scope and phase-end reviews
  • Supports the Director of Planning in the handling of contractual matters related to contract work orders, change orders beyond the project plan and co-ordinates with other Jamaican Agencies.
  • Ensures that the Electricity Integration Resource Planning is done within the context of a National Energy Integrated Resource Plan and that the Electricity Integrated Resource Planning project deliverables are verified by qualified personnel.
  • Attends important meetings with other agencies, as agreed with the Principal Director, Energy.
  • Considers the Energy Planning Management Plan and makes recommendations for approval of the Management Plan and Budget for Energy Planning, including Electricity Integrated Resource Planning to the Principal Director for Energy.
  • Reviews the project periodically with the Principal Director, Energy;
  • Monitors inter-agency and third party feedback throughout the Integrated Resource Planning Project and ensures that feedback is provided to the Electricity Integrated Resource Planning Team.
  • Ensures that Integrated Resource Planning Team members keep abreast of new developments, techniques and methods in Electricity Integrated Resource Planning and supports team member involvement in workshops and training (when applicable).
  • Recommends for approval of the project deliverables, including project close-out, ensuring that all learnings and ideas for improvement are captured for broader internal communication and use in later projects.
  • Supports the Planning Director by making decisions in matters having contractual implications and /or budgetary consequences.
  • Defines Integrated Electricity Planning goals for Planning Team Members' development of professional capabilities.
  • Liaises with MSET’s Legal Unit for advice on the viability of complex power or non-tariff transmission contracts particularly those involving non-standard customer transactions.
  • Develops and maintains National Energy Balances of sources and consumptions (historical, current and projections) under review and advises on their correlation with the National Energy Policy Prescriptions;
  • Develops Planning Objectives and Metrics
  • Validates energy supplies technologies and feasibility studies such as:-
    • Environmental Impacts – NEPA compliance management interface with stakeholders, including but not limited to JPS
    • Transmission and Distribution Planning Studies
    • Validation of Electricity Sales and Load Forecasting
  • Updates Energy Statistics, Analyses and Information with the relevant comparisons locally, regionally and globally
  • Conducts Research, Document Findings and Analyses (Local, Regional and International Comparisons) and Publishes in order to keep stakeholders informed of challenges and opportunities should be Highlighted
  • Conduct economic and sensitivity analyses, modeling and demand forecasting for the Energy Sector to enhance planning and assesses the impact and effectiveness of various policy decisions on the Energy Sector.
  • Liaises with stakeholders to ensure that an adequate Fiscal and Economic Incentives/Disincentives Regime is in place to support the implementation of the National Energy Policy;
  • Ensures that up to date Valuation and Validation Impact Assessment; including Environmental Impact is routinely done and reported.


Human Resource:

  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of direct reports prepares performance appraisals and recommends and/or initiates corrective action where necessary to improve performance and/or attaining established personal and/or organisational goals;
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff and recommends transfers, promotions, terminations and leave in accordance with established human resource policies and procedures;
  • Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the Ministry’s goals;
  • Ensures that training and other professional development needs of staff are identified and adequately addressed;
  • Provides leadership and guidance to staff through effective objective setting, delegation, communication, coaching, and mentoring;
  • Ensures that members of the Division are aware of and adhere to the general policies, procedures and regulations of the Ministry and wider Civil Service;
  • Provides on-the-job training for the economists, data processor and unit secretary in certain energy concepts and terminologies etc.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Customer and quality focus.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Good problem solving, decision making, planning, analytical and organizing skills.
  • Goal/result oriented.
  • Thorough knowledge of the Public Sector environment and the machinery of Government.
  • Knowledge of the Public Service Regulations and Staff Orders
  • Detailed knowledge of the policy development, evaluation and implementation process; energy management, and corporate planning.
  • Strong research, analytical, and negotiating skills with an expressed professional and multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple assignments/projects, work under pressure and meet tight deadlines and a demonstrated ability to interface with persons of varying backgrounds.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and conviction of purpose in unfavourable or unpopular situations.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with partners across the public sector and international development partners
  • Excellent report writing skills.


Minimum Required Qualification and Experience

  • Master’s Degree in Public Sector Management, Public Policy, Business Administration, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or equivalent from an accredited tertiary institution; plus five (5) years’ experience at a senior management level in the public sector in an organization of similar size and complexity;
  • First Degree in Public Sector Management, Public Policy, Business Administration, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or equivalent from an accredited tertiary institution; plus seven (7) years’ experience at a senior management level in the public sector in an organization of similar size and complexity.


Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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