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Senior Macro Economist (Research and Policy Review) (GMG/SEG 3)

Date Posted
7th September 2017
Consulting & Project Management, Government & Public Sector
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Applications are being invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the position of Senior Macro Economist(Research and Policy Review) in the Economic Management Division of this Ministry.

Job Description


The incumbent has responsibility for reviewing, researching, analyzing and recommending macroeconomic and sector developments and policies.  In addition, the incumbent will contribute to the drafting of the Macroeconomic Framework section of the bi-annual Fiscal Policy Paper (FPP) and the attendant research, consultations and communications initiatives.



  • Manages the execution of the research and policy review functions:
    • Undertakes the research work in the area of macroeconomic, structural and sectoral policies and related topics of immediate and long-term relevance to the achievement of the Government’s objectives notably in respect of practicable means to boost Jamaica’s  economic growth, productivity, employment and general welfare;
  • Formulates policy recommendations designed to enhance  macroeconomic, structural and sector performance in Jamaica: 
  • Conducts systematic analysis of policy proposals put forward by public and private sector individuals or entities, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), universities and other learning institutions; report the pros and cons and net benefits or costs from a macroeconomic perspective and formulate the attendant policy recommendations;
  • Conducts research to facilitate analyses of macroeconomic, structural and sector policy proposals generated by the policy analysis work carried out in the Section or put forward by other units/branches or divisions or directorates of the ministry;
  • On the bases of sound analyses and research, assesses the gaps between baseline macroeconomic projections and target; formulates alternative options to address the gaps bearing in mind other government policies and undertakings and put forward a recommended set of measures for closing the gaps.
  • Provides information as required for sections of the bi-annual FPP, incorporating macroeconomic information from the BOJ, PIOJ and other local and international institutions;
  • Researches and provides macroeconomic information to support and guide the Government’s team in wage negotiations and discussions with unions and other relevant bodies;
  • Prepares supporting documents and actively participates in ministry-wide discussions and decisions on information and reports to be presented to Parliament, Cabinet, internal and external committees, local and international institutions and the general public;
  • Researches and provides information for preparation of briefs for the participation of the Minister, FS or members of the senior leadership team in consultations with internal and external clients;    
  • Supports the Secretariat function for the TIAMFWG:  
    • Preparation for meetings, agenda items and performance of Secretariat function, when required. Issues will cover:  
      • Internal and external assumptions for the macroeconomic framework;  
      • Risk factors to the real, external and financial sector forecasts  
      • Policies designed to achieve macro-fiscal targets;  
      • Macro-fiscal data issues and articulation of data improvement work plans;  
      • Monetary-fiscal policy coordination matters;  
  • Drafts reports for presentations to groups within and outside of Government that explain the Government’s economic objectives and policies;
  • Drafts  reports for presentations on macroeconomic issues to be made by the FS and members of the Ministry’s leadership team to Parliamentary Committees and other consultations and forum;
  • Participates in Section efforts to foster productive relationships with the media and advanced learning institutions;
  • Participates in Section’s efforts to foster productive relationships with IFIs and other key stakeholders.
  • Provides relevant research information and output for incorporation into the macroeconomic framework sections of budget documents and of key in-year macroeconomic monitoring documents reporting on the achievements and expectations of the Government’s economic programme:
  • Represents the Macroeconomic Section in the work of the Technical Inter-Agency Macro-Fiscal Working Group (TIAMFWG) and plays a supporting role in its Secretariat, alongside the BOJ and PIOJ:
  • Plays an active supporting role in executing the Ministry’s consultation and communication strategies and nurture productive relationships with various Jamaican institutions, private sector, other interest groups, ratings agencies and international financial institutions:



  • Sound practical knowledge of macroeconomics, public sector economics and attendant quantitative tools;  
  • Excellent knowledge of the process, methods and tools used in macroeconomic forecasting, assessing the confidence interval surrounding the baseline solutions and in analyses of the impact of changes in exogenous assumptions or policies;  
  • Sound knowledge of the processes, methods and tools used in undertaking macroeconomic research;  
  • Excellent knowledge of the macroeconomic history of Jamaica and context for current situation;  
  • Good knowledge of financial administration legislation, including in respect of macroeconomic and fiscal targets and commitments;  
  • Thorough knowledge of inter-sector macro-linkages and linkages between fiscal and monetary policies;  
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (including Word and Excel) and other software required for economic and fiscal analyses and for secure database management and electronic information exchanges.



  • Pressured working conditions with numerous critical deadlines



  • Masters Degree in Economics, Public Finance, or equivalent;  
  • Four to five years’ experience in economic policy design and implementation and quantitative research/analysis.


  • Bachelor’s  Degree in Economics, Public Finance, or equivalent;  
  • Seven years’ experience in economic policy design and implementation and quantitative research/analysis.



  • Salary: $2,097,527-$2,493,300 per annum
  • Travelling Allowance: $707,448 per annum


Please note that only short listed applicants will be contacted


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