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Senior Medical Officer (HPC/MO 6), Victoria Jubilee Hospital

Date Posted
21st November 2017
Healthcare & Medical
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The incumbent must be a suitably qualified clinician who is able to provide leadership and direction to a team of health care professionals in order to deliver quality health care.

Job Description

The work requires the possession of outstanding ability to make decisions and to determine course of action on controversial problems through long exposure to decision-making and problem solving in the specialty. Senior Medical Officers have ultimate responsibility for the care of patients admitted under his/her care, or seen in that Firm's Out-patient clinics.



  1. To supervise the inpatient and outpatient management of health care of women at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.
  2. Advise the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Ministry of Health on policies and standards for the clinical practice of obstetrics and gynaecology health care in Jamaica.


Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Technical Responsibilities

  1. Development of obstetrics and gynaecology patient care management protocols and standards for the hospital.
  2. Assist in the development of and advise the Ministry of Health/Chief medical Officer on policies and standards related to obstetrics and gynaecology services at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital and other hospitals in Jamaica.
  3. Assist the Ministry of Health in the review and assessment of the quality of care as it relates to women's health that is taking place in hospitals and other health care facilities in Jamaica.
  4. Development of continuing education and inservice training in women's health from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital and to assist the Ministry of Health also in this regard.
  5. Execute and supervise the undergraduate and postgraduate training of medical students and Residents in gynaecology and obstetrics assigned to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital by
  • liaising with University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology sitting on the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialty Board for Gynaecology and Obstetric postgraduate training
  • developing and guiding the teaching of these students
  • monitoring and evaluation of their performance and
  • participating in examination as maybe required
  1. Supervise all medical staff working in the institution
  2. Assist the Ministry of Health in appraisal of obstetric and gynaecology staff for recruitment to obstetrics and gynaecology services, including peer review.
  3. Supervise case management of inpatients and outpatients receiving care at VJH to ensure that standards of care established are maintained.
  4. Liaising with nursing and paramedical staff and other specialists in the development of standards and care execution of quality control and continuing education programmes.
  5. Liaising with local and international agencies and institutions in the development of linkages to strengthen the hospital's capabilities, to train medical students and residents in health care of obstetrics and gynaecology patients, conduct relevant research and obtain technical assistance as needed.
  6. Developing and guiding the execution of relevant research that will lead to improving the quality and reducing the cost of care.


B. Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Working with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the development of policies, plans and budgets for the hospital
  2. Supervising all medical and paramedical staff and other specialists and the work in these departments.
  3. Ensuring the maintenance of ethical and professional standards.
  4. Discipline of staff
  5. Ensure that medical staff is properly oriented to work in the institution.
  6. Determine the allocation of medical staffing to departments and their duties
  7. Conduct regular staff meetings to review hospital policy, plans and to solve problems
  8. Work with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other senior managers to ensure quality management of the institution.
  9. Public relations — to improve the relationship with patients, parents and the community
  10. Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time. 



(a)  Specific Knowledge

  • Knowledge of the National Health Policy
  • Knowledge of Public Health Laws and Regulations
  • Knowledge of Management Principles and Practices
  • Knowledge of Trends in the Health Care Industry
  • Knowledge of Principles Governing Health Regulations

(b)   Qualification and Experience:

  • Graduate from an accredited medical school
  • Postgraduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Fully registered with the medical council
  • Seven (7) years progressive and responsible experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, plus Peer Approval.



  • Proven leadership skills
  • Ability to motivate staff , set and maintain professional discipline
  • Ability to coordinate a wide range of activities
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • High level of integrity and professionalism



  • Exposure to highly confidential and sensitive information.
  • Numerous critical deadlines
  • Exercise clear boundaries with Private Practice to prevent conflict of interest.



  • Investigate illnesses and operate
  • Admitting and discharging privileges
  • Assign duties and exact responsibilities to Medical Officers and Interns
  • Evaluate and appraise Medical Officers and Interns
  • Decide daily work schedules for Medical Officers and Interns
  • Decide on treatment regiment for patients
  • Prepare and sign prescriptions
  • Complete death certificates
  • Medical Certificates for job, insurance, medico-legal purposes etc.



The job is satisfactorily performed when:

  • Advice provided is technically sound.
  • High level of Patient Care is maintained
  • Attends over 80% of out-patient clinics
  • All medical certificates and incident reports must be completed within 48 hours of request.
  • All discharge summaries are completed upon discharge.
  • All requested medical reports are written within 48 hours upon completion of investigation and treatment
  • 90% of consultation must be seen.
  • Stipulated deadlines are consistently met.
  • Re-admission rate maintained as agreed upon by each speciality
  • Complication rate maintained as agreed upon by each speciality
  • Meet deadlines in regards to staff evaluation
  • Adequate record of patient care
  • A high level of performance is demonstrated consistently.
  • Confidentiality of information obtained on the job is preserved.
  • Increased individual and community responsibility for health is demonstrated.

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