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Senior Property and Maintenance Officer (SOG ST 4)

Date Posted
23rd August 2017
Installation, Maintenance & Repair
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Director Projects & Allied Services the Senior Property and Maintenance Officer is to supervise the operation, maintenance upgrading and disposing of real property assets for the Central Ministry and delegated organizations

Job Description


  • timely, effective and cost efficient operation and maintenance of mechanical, electrical and architectural components of the Ministry’s real property
  • performance and maintenance reports
  • documentation and records for real property



  • supervision of on-going operation, maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical and architectural systems/components of the Ministry’s real property either through direct delivery or supervising the appropriate licensed contractors.
  • responds to requests for maintenance and repair in timely fashion ensuring work completed successfully on time and on budget.
  • collects and analyses performance data for real property contributing to the development of criteria for prioritizing preventive maintenance and operations activities
  • prepares performance and maintenance reports identifying performance trends and issues; participates in developing standards for maintenance and testing of equipment and machinery
  • provides advice and recommendations to senior managers in keeping with GOJ green initiatives and environmental workplace polices
  • develops and maintains contact with professional associations, academic institutions and other professionals in the real property community to share professional knowledge
  • works with MOJ Procurement and Contracting to establish technical requirements for the acquisition of goods and property in accordance with Ministry of Finance and Government of Jamaica regulations and established procedures
  • monitors quality of goods and services related to real property goods and services provided by external contractors
  • monitors and ensures compliance with health and safety standards including handling of hazardous materials, building codes and regulations; monitors and documents accidents resulting from maintenance or other conditions of real property
  • supervises junior staff, assigning schedules, tasks; provides feedback and coaching on performance; directs training of staff in inspections, safety programs and required reporting and documentation; recommends additional training and development
  • Performs any other duties that may be assigned.



  • Requests for maintenance and repair are responded to in a timely manner and on budget
  • Performance data for real property is collected and analysed within agreed timeframe
  • Performance and maintenance report prepared within agreed timeframe
  • Technical requirements for the acquisition of goods and property are established in accordance with Government regulations and established procedures
  • Quality of goods and services related to real property is monitored within agreed timeframe
  • Healthy and safety standards are monitored within agreed timeframe



Core Competencies

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Demonstrates Integrity
  • Team Work & Cooperation
  • Ability to work on own Initiative
  • Compliance
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal
  • Adaptability
  • Customer and Quality Focus



(a)   Specific knowledge (however acquired) required to start:

(b)   Qualifications and Experience

  • First degree from a recognized university with specialization in public or business administration, or in any other field relevant to the work to be performed
  • Or, an acceptable combination of education and experience with certification in facilities management.
  • At least five (5) years progressive experience in property/facilities capital projects in either the private or public sectors.

(c)   Continuous Professional Development

  • Attend relevant training on emerging trends and practices within the field.
  • Network within the profession and relevant associations to keep abreast with the industry.



  • On 24 hour call



  • Approve/Recommend staff for training and development
  • Approve/Recommend leave, promotion and disciplinary action
  • Provide recommendation and advice to senior managers on GOJ green initiatives and environmental workplace policies


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