Marketing Strategies Today: How to reach more eyeballs with Facebook


When looking at a Facebook Page Insight, the statistics such as Page Likes, engagement and post reach might draw your attention. As a result, you will end up forgetting about your primary goal, which should be turning people into customers.

Facebook is a better way of reaching more target customers and building trust. Facebook is making it harder for you to get your content seen. They might be doing that due to the large amount of content and the need to crack down on invaluable and spammy content. It is an effort of enticing people to pay for promoted advertising and posts.

Challenges are always around, but great content will prevail. How do you reach more eyeballs with Facebook and increase your website traffic? Consider the following tips.

1. Create awesome content

The first thing you should do involves developing awesome and compelling content. When developing the content, you should talk with your customers, audience and fans directly. Nevertheless, you need an effective strategy to achieve that. A good idea is to take photos, blog and make an online persona. If the content on your website and the other online sites is of great quality, getting something of value to share will be easier.

When adding a link on your Facebook post, ensure that you have included the right text – the text can win or lose clicks. Provide a detailed description of the content to provide your readers with a reason to click the link to your website. The description should not sound spammy.

Some of the best practices:

  • Social media users hate click-bait. Mostly, they will click but bounce back immediately. That will affect your Facebook reach and the ranking of your website on the search engines.
  • Avoid all-caps if you are not serious about them. Caps will function as a turnoff, particularly if the subject does not warrant them.
  • Utilize friendly tone and be free to utilize humor, you are already at a barbecue. Write the Facebook post exactly how you would talk when telling someone why he/she should visit your website.
  • Use compelling titles on all your blog posts. Also, use the title on the link preview so that it will be part of the Facebook post. An irresistible title will entice your audience to click the link.

2. Use Link Share view on Facebook

Traditionally, Page administrators shared links by uploading big, pretty pictures and then adding the link on their status update. That seems logical considering that photos are more effective in alluring people. However, it is turning out that people are most likely to click on links shared with the “Facebook share” feature. Facebook has updated their algorithms to favor link share view – when deciding on the content to display to your audiences. Therefore, the feature is a guarantee of a wider reach and more clicks.

Some years ago, Facebook would force people to use images in their blog post as the enticer image. But today, you can use any of the images from the blog post you are promoting or upload a new one. If you opt to upload, ensure that the image is large (preferably 1200 x 628). That way you will be sure that the image is clear.

3. Advertise your post

You want your Facebook to reach your desired audience within the shortest time possible. Putting a little money will help you achieve that. When it comes to targeting ads, Facebook has a variety of options, which include getting more reach amongst your current fans, showing ads solely to the local pet owners including those who have not liked your page. They can also show it to individuals who have already liked your competition. Start advertising with a little amount, such as $5. With the amount, you will also get reports and measures showing the kind of return you are getting.

4. Use big images

Visual content is vital in social media marketing. Posts containing photos will get more engagement including comments, likes, clicks and shares, than text alone. Use big images on your blog and website to ensure that your posts have something good to pull whenever you or your readers share a link. What’s more, images will make your posts attractive for your audience to click through. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your images have a dimension of 1200 x 628.

5. Give reasons to every comment

Commenting is among the effective ways of increasing eyeballs with Facebook. Kick every post with a comment from your Fan page – that will keep the conversation going. You can also offer incentives or ask questions to increase commenting.

6. Create fan page relationship

There are several ways to develop better fan page relationships. One way involves sharing the content on other fan pages. However, because almost everyone is sharing content from huge brands and publications, target the middle-sized pages – people will notice them more. Probably, they will return the favor by sharing your content. Another idea is to tag pages in your posts. Other pages will possibly see the tag. To build a better relationship, think about that.

7. Encourage shares and likes

The more liked and commented your posts on Facebook, the more reaches and more eyeballs. Encourage all your fans to share or like your posts within their network. To achieve that, you need quality content. If your content is good, your audience will like it. Avoid asking for shares or likes as that can hurt you.

8. Embed your posts

You can use any platform to target your audience. Embed your Facebook posts on your blog to extend the reach. That way, you will be certain that your website visitors are viewing your Facebook content. You will also allow them to interact with Facebook content while still on your website.

Most social media people believe that social media is all about connecting and engaging in conversations with your audience. That might be true, but social media has many other benefits. One of the big benefits of social media platforms is the ability to drive more traffic to a website. Even though search engine optimization (SEO) is important, people can learn about your website through other ways apart from the search engines.

A recent report from Shareaholic showed that Facebook manages to drive web traffic more than all the other social platforms. You probably already know that more traffic to your site will mean better rankings on the search engines.