Marketing Strategies Today: Six surefire ways to improve client retention with social media


If you own a business, one of the primary goals you are driven by is to get more customers and retain the existing ones. And guess what? One of the best ways to do this is by using social media.

In case you’re wondering how to use social media effectively for client retention, here’s a detailed insight on how to start out.

1. Come up with good content

Since the first phase of a customer decision journey is awareness, you have to brainstorm with some strategies that’ll make the customers aware of a specific brand or service. This can be easily done by creating impeccably compelling content. The content should be of your customer’s purpose. Also try to market the content in top social media portals and similar other websites. Use Facebook and Linkedin to promote your content.

Also, while you do this, try to ensure that your customers feel connected with the content. All in all, you’ve got to create content that’ll turn out to be downright innovative, compelling and that’ll make your prospective customers interested about the services.

Right after you’ve lured the customers with awesome content, you have to now make the content quite interesting. Incorporate certain elements in the content that’ll make your customers feel interested. Try to create the contents in such a manner where the clients will be able to connect with the content. This will make the specific brand extremely popular and acceptable for the clients.

Engaging content is the backbone of any and every brand. Thus, if you want a brand to be extremely popular, you’ve got to create engaging content for it. Try to incorporate facts and features with which the clients will feel engaged. Try to make the content relevant to the tastes and interests of the customers. Making your clients feel engaged can be better than any other alternative.

2. Use the Facebook Live feature to connect with your audience

This is another really viable way to connect with your audience better and retain existing customers. One of the most significant reasons why you should opt for the live video feature is simply because it will help your audience to grab a better insight on who you are and how exactly you can help them. Whether you own a blog, have a page, or any business- the live feature can be of great help. You can come up with “ask me anything” sessions where your audience can ask you anything about your business.

As they interact with you and understand you better, they also get to know how your services are relevant to them. This humanizes your brand and it also helps you have a better impact on the audience.

What’s cooler than more sales and more profit on a single go? The Facebook live feature helps you in this particular section thereby boosting your sales like never before. The idea is simple. All you have to do is mention a couple of your products during the live chat session. If you do not sell products and have a specific page or blog post, talk about it. Try to familiarize people with your brand, tell them how it helps them.

Once you do this, people will be more interested about your services and they will naturally choose to avail them. In the process, your sales and leads are boosted to a considerable extent.

3. Research on Linkedin about when customers actually visit your site

The majority of the visitors who actually check your website out are anonymous. As they browse your site, check the pages and toggle with the tweaks – you hardly get to know anything about them. However, you can always change this situation by using something called Leadfeeder. With this application you will get to identify the visitors you browse your site according to their respective IP addresses. You can also browse the logs of those web pages in which your visitors are really interested in.

The app will sync with your official Linkedin profile and will then reveal some of your closest connections at the visiting companies. At the same time, it can also push this relevant data to the CRM. If you are really willing to retain customers, knowing them is important because in that way you will get to understand what strategy is working and what isn’t. This is one of the best ways to know and identify your potential customers.

4. Make sure your business is visible on social media

Although this sounds a bit too obvious but there are still several businesses that are extremely difficult to locate on social media. This usually happens because the respective companies either restrict their activities to a few limited social networks or because they do not promote the services they offer on social media platforms.

If you follow something similar, try to understand that it is not going to work. The customer service experience has massive transformed over the last couple of years. So if you are really looking out to make an impact and retain your customers you have to start by making your social media accounts visible. Tools like Sprout social and Zendesk can help you in this regard.

5. Serve customers in platforms where they spend their maximum time

This is another thing that you need to do in order to stay an edge ahead and to retain your existing clients. You need to be dedicated to solve the challenges your customers experience and for that you have to serve them on those specific platforms where they spend their maximum time. Both Twitter and Facebook have automated welcome messages for companies. You can use this feature to be more available to your clients.

6. Encourage customers to share testimonials

Whether you are actually taking the time to listen or not, your customers are constantly talking about you on social media. So if you’re doing a good job, encourage your customers to talk more about you and spread the word on social media. Share the testimonials and customer feedback on social media to let other customers know. In this way you get to build credibility and also retain more customers.

So follow these client retention strategies and retain customers like never before.