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Software Developer - San Juan, PR
As a software developer will innovate and contribute new ideas. You will be part of our small team of top engineers, with the means to directly impact the success of the organization.
Salary: Salary Negotiable Town/City: San Juan, PR
Production Supervisor - Caguas, PR
Manufactures products by supervising staff; organizing and monitoring work flow.
Salary: Competitive Salary Town/City: Caguas, PR
Packaging Supervisor - Caguas, PR
Packages products by implementing packaging plans; maintaining equipment and monitoring results; supervising staff.
Salary: Competitive Salary Town/City: Caguas, PR
Manufacturing Engineer - Caguas, PR
Develops and improves manufacturing processes by studying product and manufacturing methods.
Salary: Salary Negotiable Town/City: Caguas, PR
Occupational Physician - San Juan, PR
Posted by Adecco
To attend medical consultations of the employees, as well as to attend medical emergencies and direct them.
Salary: Competitive Salary Town/City: San Juan, PR
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