World Vision International Jobs

Enterprise Data Architect - Santo Domingo
This role directs future-state architecture adoption, guides programs supporting business strategies, advocates IT strategies, analyzes drivers and deficiencies, recommends improvements, and aligns IT with business goals.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
Supply Chain Manager - Petion-Ville
Develop and align strategy with regional priorities, review plans, represent SCM function in strategic planning, manage contracts, oversee procurement execution, analyze data, ensure compliance and supervise staff.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Petion-Ville
Managing Grant Acquisition Management (GAM) - Santo Domingo
As GAM Manager, lead the development and execution of World Vision Dominican Republic's Resource Development Strategy, focusing on acquiring government, multilateral, and foundation grants to enhance child well-being and strategic objectives
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
Specialist in Partnership with the private sector - Santo Domingo
Oversee strategy implementation with the private sector to ensure partnership with USAID-BEA project, manage donor involvement for resource mobilization, and maintain NGO-private sector relationships.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
People & Culture Officer - Santo Domingo
This role, reporting to the People and Culture Directorate, implements technical People and Culture processes and ensures administrative effectiveness within the Administrative Effectiveness Unit, facilitating uniform compliance in the region.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
Logistics Officer - Santo Domingo
Manage transportation operations, respond to transfer requests, maintain fixed asset inventory, monitor vehicle maintenance, coordinate event logistics, control fuel supply, and oversee merchandise reception and deliveries.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
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