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Onboard Marketing Manager - Cruise Ship
We are currently searching for an Onboard Marketing Manager to join our team. This exciting management position delivers advanced developments in cross-marketing and sales strategies in order to optimize on board revenue generation.
Salary: Salary Confidential Town/City: Cruise Ship
Onboard Training Specialist - Cruise Ship
The Onboard Training Specialist oversees the ship training center, and conducts general training courses including, but not limited to, Hospitality, Company Orientation, Ship Familiarization, Management Training, and Customer Service Training.
Salary: Salary Confidential Town/City: Cruise Ship
Mechanic/Fitter - Cruise Ship
Responsible for the refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout the ship.
Salary: Salary Confidential Town/City: Cruise Ship
Electronic Engineer - Cruise Ship
The Electronic Engineer is responsible for the maintenance of all electronic equipment and systems as directed by the Chief Electrical Engineer to ensure safe operation, environmental protection and passenger comfort.
Salary: Competitive Salary Town/City: Cruise Ship
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