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  • Field Survey Auditor - Multiple locations
    Our Company is a team of Subject Matter Experts in the retail industry providing an experienced and efficient data collecting assessments for the perfect execution and fulfillment of success to our clients' businesses.
    Salary & Benefits: +$9,000 USD annual with flexible hours Town/City: Multiple locations
    Managing Director - Port of Spain
    The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) is seeking a progressive and committed person to lead and direct all aspects of its operations in the position of Managing Director.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Port of Spain
    Infrastructure Digital Transformation Consultant (Transport Division) TSP/CTT - Port of Spain
    The Transport Division is creating a digital transformation strategy to address infrastructure challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, seeking a professional experienced in integrating new technologies, particularly in transportation.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Port of Spain
    Maintenance Technician (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) - Sangre Grande
    Responsible for overseeing and performing installation, maintenance, operations and service on all types of Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) and mechanical systems at the Institution.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Sangre Grande
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