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  • Managing Director - Port of Spain
    The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) is seeking a progressive and committed person to lead and direct all aspects of its operations in the position of Managing Director.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Port of Spain
    Infrastructure Digital Transformation Consultant (Transport Division) TSP/CTT - Port of Spain
    The Transport Division is creating a digital transformation strategy to address infrastructure challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, seeking a professional experienced in integrating new technologies, particularly in transportation.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Port of Spain
    Legal Officer - Port of Spain
    Suitably qualified citizens of the Member States and Associate Members of the Association of Caribbean States are invited to apply for the position of Legal Officer at the ACS Secretariat at its headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
    Salary & Benefits: US$3,100.00 (tax exempted); per month Town/City: Port of Spain
    Courier - San Fernando
    The position of Courier will be required to transport and deliver articles that can’t travel via traditional methods.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: San Fernando
    Dietitian I - San Fernando
    The Dietitian I is required to develop and supervise the implementation of Food Service Programmes at any Facility under the purview of the South-West Regional Health to improve the nutritional intake and overall health of patients.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: San Fernando
    Medical Laboratory Technologist I - San Fernando
    Perform routine lab procedures in Medical Lab Technology, conducting tests on human samples, operating equipment, and handling clerical tasks under supervision.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: San Fernando
    Administrative Assistant - San Fernando
    The incumbent organizes and oversees administrative tasks within the Total Quality Office, ensuring efficient support for SWRHA operations in compliance with standard office management practices.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: San Fernando
    Maintenance Technician (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) - Sangre Grande
    Responsible for overseeing and performing installation, maintenance, operations and service on all types of Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) and mechanical systems at the Institution.
    Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Sangre Grande
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