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Operations Technician III - Essequibo Islands
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Under the general supervision of the Operations and Maintenance Foreman, the incumbent Carry out any repairs and maintenance to the engine and auxiliaries to sustain generation capability.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Essequibo Islands
Meter Reader - Essequibo
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Reading of Energy Meters and taking notes of any irregularities or inaccuracies encountered within a specified area also to deliver a high quality of service to our customers
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Essequibo
Network Supervisor - Georgetown
Supervises and performs skilled work in the emergency and maintenance of overhead transmission and distribution lines, and related work as required.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Network Engineer - Georgetown
To execute related administrative and managerial functions associated with the management of the Transmission and Distribution Network.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Network Technician III - Georgetown
To assist generally with line construction and maintenance work and to adhere to the Safety Code and Practice of the Corporation.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Network Patrolman - Georgetown
Report defects in the Transmission & Distribution Network to the Network Supervisor/Line Superintendent/T & D Engineer and Conduct New Service Investigations.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Shift Control Engineer - Georgetown
Responsible for efficient and effective operation of the station and its interconnected system.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Protection & Instrumentation Engineer - Georgetown
To be responsible for the management of the Protection & Instrumentation Section along with the execution of the duties of the Protection & Instrumentation Engineer.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Mechanical Engineer - Georgetown
To plan, organize and monitor installation, operation, maintenance and repairs of all power stations machinery and equipment including auxiliaries so as to ensure optimum performance.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
Data Analyst - Georgetown
Manage and lead the Data Management Section to gather, organize, cleanse, analyze and report on Customer data, for use by the Loss Reduction Division to aid work assignment and decision making.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Georgetown
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