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Sales Representative - Kingston
HDB Manufacturers and Distributors is a manufacturing company that produces Bath tissue, Hand towels and Bath soaps. We are looking for a competitive and trustworthy Sales Representative to help us build up our business and grow our customer base.
Town/City: Kingston
Marketing and Communications Officer - Kingston
As the Marketing and Communications Officer, you'll be pivotal in improving brand reputation and transparent communication, leading strategic marketing campaigns, creating engaging content, and managing communication to engage target audience
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Kingston
Sales & Marketing Supervisor - St. Georges
Support Sales & Marketing by performing office duties, preparing sales documents, promoting brand awareness, assembling information packages, utilizing sales techniques, and serving as a client contact point.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: St. Georges
Manager - Research, Marketing and Client Relations (Jamaica Trade Information Portal Content Manager) - Kingston
The incumbent supports JTIP's database maintenance, serving as Jamaica's primary trade source, enhancing trade policy transparency, and ensuring responsiveness for stakeholders to enhance competitiveness in the trade industry.
Salary & Benefits: $3,770,761 - $5,071,524 per annum Town/City: Kingston
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