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Insolvency Officer - Bermuda
Premium Posted by Government of Bermuda
The post holder works under the direction of the Insolvency Manager and is responsible for day-to-day duties related to the progress and regulation of corporate and personal insolvencies in accordance with the Companies Act 1981;
Salary & Benefits: PS31 $104,393.02 (=US$ Equivalent) Town/City: Bermuda
Professional Social Worker (SWG/PS 2) - St. Elizabeth
To conduct investigations into the circumstances of vulnerable/disadvantaged individuals/families and make recommendations for them to obtain support/welfare assistance through the Family Services Unit or Public Assistance Department of the Ministry
Salary & Benefits: $4,266,270 - $5,737,658 per annum Town/City: St. Elizabeth
Director, Public Assistance (GMG/SEG 4) - Kingston
The Director is responsible for the effective and efficient management and implementation of all Social Assistance programmes in the Division, as well as guiding policies aimed at poverty reduction.
Salary & Benefits: $6,333,301- $8,517,586 per annum Town/City: Kingston
Risk Analyst - Kingston
The Risk Analyst identifies and evaluates operational risks, analyzes data, develops risk mitigation strategies, monitors risk management effectiveness, and provides training and support on risk awareness and mitigation techniques.
Salary & Benefits: $6,333,301 – $8,517,586 annually Town/City: Kingston
Parish Programme Specialist - Water Quality (HPC/EH 4) - Clarendon
The Parish Programme Specialist manages the parish Water Quality program to ensure compliance with Ministry of Health policies and standards, consulting with regional and chief public health inspectors.
Salary & Benefits: $5,055,684 - $6,009,620 per annum Town/City: Clarendon
Resource Planning and Administration Specialist - Kingston
Working under moderate supervision, you will develop and manage human resource strategies, advise on HR policies, liaise with national entities, coordinate training, oversee budget and contract management, and implement internal financial controls.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Kingston
Operations Analyst - Consultant - Kingston
The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical services in the monitoring of Operations financed and implemented through the IDB. The Contractual will further strengthen the Portfolio Monitoring and Review functions.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Kingston
Field Project Coordinator - Anse-a-Galet
With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Anse-a-Galet
Development Facilitator-1 - Santo Domingo
Implement programmatic proposals for assigned communities in alignment with organizational plans and policies, establishing collaborative relationships to ensure sustainable impact on the well-being and protection of children and youth.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
Consulting - Treatment of sargassum as waste - Santo Domingo
The consultancy aims to analyze and propose a national waste management system for sargassum in the Dominican Republic, reviewing technical, legal, and institutional frameworks, and engaging relevant stakeholders.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Santo Domingo
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