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Senior Human Resource Officer (GMG/SEG 2) - Kingston
Contributes to strategic planning, prepares reports, arranges meetings, and assists with HR processes, including recruitment, orientation, performance evaluation, and staff welfare.
Salary & Benefits: $3,770,761 - $5,071,254 per annum Town/City: Kingston
Senior Human Resource Officer - PMAS (GMG/SEG 1) - Mandeville
The role involves participating in operational planning, developing and overseeing the Performance Management and Appraisal System (PMAS), providing HR support, monitoring compliance, and managing recognition and reward processes.
Salary & Benefits: $3,094,839 – $4,162,214 per annum Town/City: Mandeville
Talent Acquisition Specialist - St. George
This position will be responsible for entire talent acquisition process. This includes but is not limited supporting the human resources team with to identify, recruit, immigrate, orientating and retaining suitable talent.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: St. George
Human Resource Officer (GMG/ AM2) - Kingston
Under the direction of the Director, Human Resource Management & Administration, the Human Resource Officer provides support in human resource functions such as the administration and benefit services to employees
Salary & Benefits: $1,550,136.00 per annum Town/City: Kingston
HR Coordinator - Cruise Ship
HRC is responsible for administrative tasks in HR Office and assist the HRSM in day to day HR office tasks. HRC is responsible for Team Welfare implementation under the guidance and oversight of HRSM.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Cruise Ship
Human Resources Manager - Cruise Ship
Ensures HR services align with standards, supports onboard team, implements policies, oversees T&A, mediates conflicts, conducts appraisals, ensures safety compliance, and upholds company values.
Salary & Benefits: Town/City: Cruise Ship
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